Create Top-Level 404 Page for a Multilingual Hugo Site

If you build a multilangual Hugo site, you may want to enable defaultContentLanguageInSubdir to make URLs look consistent. For example: /en/post/an-english-post /cn/post/a-chinese-post As of Hugo v0.120.4, defaultContentLanguageInSubdir = "true" still has the side effect that no 404 page (404.html) is generated at the root of public directory, which causes Cloudflare Pages to redirect non-exstent pages to root /. 404.html at the root is needed to fix the problem. There are three workarounds: reuse 404.html in a subdirectory, create, and create custom 404.html in static directory. You don’t need these workarounds if you don

How to Fix Banking Apps / SafetyNet / Play Integrity on LineageOS without Root

Summary Flash ih8sn provided by althafvly or your maintainer(s) via Lineage Recovery, and banking apps will work correctly. Explanation When you use banking apps on LineageOS without root, they may show the misleading error message that your device is rooted. Banking apps actually check SafetyNet or Play Integrity, both of which are used to verify device integrity. After flashing ih8sn, LineageOS will pass those two tests, banking apps won’t complain any more, and Netflix will be available on Google Play. You can install YASNAC and Play Integrity API Checker to check. LineageOS will pass Basic integrity and CTS profile match on the former, MEET_DEVICE_INTEGRITY and MEET_BASIC_INTEGRITY on the latter.

How to Install Google Play On Xiaomi / Redmi / MIUI / HyperOS

China Xiaomi / Redmi phones in Google Play supported devices1 have built-in Google Services. We just need to install Google Play. Turn on Google Services MIUI: Settings -> Account & sync -> Basic Google Services HyperOS: Settings -> Additional settings -> Account & sync -> Basic Google Services Install Google Play: search “google play” on GetApps and update “Google Play Store”. If Google Play isn’t found on GetApps, install it from Aptoide. Now you should find Play Store on the home screen. This tutorial was tested on Mi 11 LE, Redmi K40S, Redmi Note 12 Turbo and Xiaomi 14. Thanks to Shitao Wu for testing Xiaomi 14 (HyperOS).